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1/16/17 -- Sad to hear that my sister and bro-in-law will be saying farewell to Oscar, their beloved dog of I don't know how many years. That handsome mug, that boundless energy, and that loyal heart... You couldn't ask for a better friend.

I don't know, I think I might be done. That whole is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? thing... I wonder if dogs are the exception. We love them like people, but they're only around for a tiny fraction of our time.

1/11/17 -- After watching the trailer for A Dog's Purpose, we simply looked at each other and said "I can't. I just can't." Too much Honey.

-- Was scolding the missus for feeding the Trump Trolls on social media. I went down that road back in the George W. Bush days, and I've learned that there's really no point. The internet can be such a nasty place, and no one is going to change their political views based on something they see on Facebook. I'll never forget one particularly nasty online debate I took part in back then (there was no FB at the time, but plenty of forums), it pertained to the seemingly bogus reasons for invading Iraq. In response to Why are we even there?, one Dubya supporter chimed in: "So your sister won't need to wear a burka."

In describing our current situation I've coined a phrase that I'm rather fond of: The system may be broken, but the system has spoken.

1/9/17 -- Took in La La Land yesterday, and yes it deserves every single award it nabbed last night at the Globes. You'll leave smiling and humming and tapping your feet, even if your heart is a little broken.
1/6/17 -- Hey wait a minute...
1/4/17 -- So here it is, the long-awaited list of what I liked and did not like about that dreadful voyage around the sun called 2016. Ready?


Block Island in July (briefly)
Block Island in September
The foliage... not the best ever, but still lovely
October, every hour of it (me new fav month?)
Rogue One
Changing jobs
Titanfall 2
G. Love live
Donavon Frankenreiter live
Game of Thrones
Crossfit Brookfield / Getting into shape

Did Not Like

The campaign. Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed.
The election results (seriously, was it all just some terrible dream?)
Mass killings on the news every morning
Stress / Depression
RIP Grandma Nanclyn
RIP George Michael
RIP Carrie Fisher
RIP Gene Wilder
RIP Prince
RIP David Bowie
RIP Crossfit Brookfield / Falling out of shape
RIP Sadie (our beloved guinea pig)

2017 Resolutions? Sure, why not...

Live better
Parent better
Eat better
Work better
Get in absurd shape
Read more
Blog more
Figure out the money thing
Get the kids outdoors
Fix things in the house

How very trite.

1/3/17 -- The story of Old Horse Charlie made me smile and sniffle at the same time.
1/2/17 -- I've long considered Disney's "Big Three" - Mermaid, Beast, and Aladdin - to be untouchable. Modern classics never to be matched. I mean sure, you've got your Toy Stories, Nemos, and your Monsters Incs, etc, and those are terrific. But for me that original trifecta stands alone. However, now having just seen Moana, I gotta say this one comes darn close. It's special. It's beautiful. Go check it out.
1/1/17 -- What choice do we have but to hope and strive for 2017 to suck less than its predecessor? Beloved celebrities dropping like flies, daily mass killings around the world, Donald Freaking Trump...

I choose hope. I choose optimism. These will carry the day.
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